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All natural, gluten-free and vegan friendly, our wines are artfully created with locally grown Nova Scotia grapes by our crafty and skillful team of grape growers and winemakers.

Whether you’re catching up with loved ones, enjoying a much-needed weekend getaway or raising a toast to attaining that life goal, LÜVO wines are just right for celebrating moments, making memories, and living here and now with good friends, food, music and fun.

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In this fast-paced world LÜVO chooses to simply and honestly pause to focus on these guiding principles: Nurture, Inspire, Love, Balance and Delight.

This thinking is the motivation behind our pure and authentic wines. A natural reflection of our real Nova Scotian ingredients and east coast spirit, LÜVO wines are unpretentious, refreshing and easy to share.

The origin of our name will make you smile.

Lüvo: [loo-voh] noun

  1. Lüvo: Someone who eats healthy and exercises because they care about their appearance & their quality of life. Nurture.
  2. Lüvo: Someone who does inspiring things. Inspire.
  3. Lüvo: Someone who has a lot of love and takes care of other people. Love.
  4. Lüvo: Someone who takes care of themselves both emotionally & physically. Balance.
  5. Lüvo: Someone with a positive attitude. Delight.
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LUVO LIFE wines are here!

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