Our LÜVO Sparkling Rosé Wins Lieutenant Governor's Awards for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wine

We couldn’t be more proud of our winemaking team lead by Gina Haverstock for receiving the first ever Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wine bestowed upon a canned wine

The award, established by former Lieutenant Governor Brigadier-General The Honourable J.J. Grant in 2014, was given to our Sparkling Rosé. It recognizes the exceptional quality of locally sourced and produced wines, and honours the dedication and craft of those in Nova Scotia’s wine industry.

“Every year, the winemakers in this province create outstanding wines that successfully compete on a national and international level,” said His Honour The Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

We are proud to receive such prestigious accolades and we would like to congratulate our fellow award winners!

Photo: Provided by Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia’s Office