Wine Diamonds

Occasionally you may discover what look like little crystals in the bottom of the can. What you’ve discovered are typically referred to as wine crystals or wine diamonds. They are a natural occurrence in all wines and there are various possible reasons for their occurrence in a bottle or can of wine. As one example, if the wine was exposed to colder than normal temperatures (e.g. a bar-fridge or chiller) it can throw these crystals. Ideally, we prefer to have this process happen before it is canned, but occasionally it happens afterwards. The formation of wine crystals is less common in red wines, as their level of tartaric acid is lower, and crystals tend to fall out naturally during the longer aging process.

Their scientific name is tartrates and they are simply potassium bitartrate, which is the same thing as cream of tartar used in cooking. They are a very common, naturally occurring and not the least bit dangerous. 

You can feel comfortable and confident in buying our wine—with or without wine diamonds the quality of the wine is not affected by this natural process.

Why we say diamonds are a wine drinker’s best friend! Some folks think they are good luck, but we know wine diamonds can actually be considered a sign of quality and evidence of a wine that has had minimal intervention and less processing.

diamond graphic